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The first Parasymphonic Orchestra in the world, founded in 2022, OPESP (Orquestra Parassinfônica do Estado de São Paulo) is a project aimed at musicians with disabilities.

Its goal is to contribute, through music, to a society free from stigmas and prejudice towards disabled people.

Our History

According to a survey from the Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística – IGBE), Brazil has at least 17.3 million people registered with a disability. Yet, this number is far from being represented in the music scene. The desire to provide a protagonist position for people with disability, the cultural producer Igor Cayres idealised an orchestra where the main musicians were composed by disabled people. OPESP is supported by the Municipal Department of Culture in São Paulo to perform its training and concerts at the ‘Complexo TMSP’, an artistic complex composed by the Praça das Artes (Arts Square) and the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo (São Paulo Municipal Theatre), respectively.

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Promote a protagonist position for musicians with disabilities and contribute towards a less prejudiced society.


Create, develop, and promote the first world-wide orchestra led by musicians with disabilities.


We believe in universality and in the welcoming power of music; we defend the value and capability of everyone.

Technical data sheet/Members


Igor Cayres  


Executive Producer

Paulo Freitas  



Vanessa Fernández 


Production Assistant

    Fernanda Sabino   


Audiovisual Director

Leo Veneza 



Leonardo Mendonça


Music librarian 

Valdemir Silva


Sign language interpreter

    Ricieri Palha   

Audio description

Ver Com Palavras

Master of ceremonies

Marcus Aurélio de Carvalho


Visual Arts

  Maira Cruz 


Social Media

  Daylane Cerqueira  

Press officer

Agência Prioriza

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